X Games 17 Wrap-Up

As the 17th X Games comes to an end in LA, I wish I had watched more of it. The X Games are always super entertaining, and I try to watch as many events as I can. For those of you who didn’t catch every singe event, here’s a wrap-up of the winners in each event.


Park: Rookie Raven Tershy managed to beat defending gold medalist Pedro Barros by 1 point to win the Park competition.

Big Air: Bob Burnquist took gold in Big Air, pulling a huge switch frontside 540 followed buy a lien-to-frontside grab 540 to win his first gold in Big Air since 2008

Street: 16-year-old Nyjah Huston barely beat out Luan Oliveira and Ryan Sheckler for the Skateboard Street gold medal, the YOUNGEST skater to ever win gold in the event.

Vert: Mega athlete Shaun White stunned fans as he took out defending champ PLG with an insane last run to take gold in Vert for the first time since 2007.


Big Air: Australian Steve McCann won his first X Games gold with a massive double front flip followed by a double tail whip.

Vert: Jamie Bestwick took home his FIFTH straight Vert gold medal, proving his dominance once again in this event.

Street: Garrett Reynolds grabbed gold for the FOURTH year in a row, crushing the competition and winning 6 points ahead of second place.

Park: Daniel Dhers defended his gold medal title in Park with a super sick last run that gave him the edge over silver medalist Dennis Enarson

Moto X:

Step Up: Matt Buyten, from Minden NV, claimed his fourth Step Up gold medal setting a new record of 37 ft.

Best Trick: 19-year-old Jackson Strong took gold in Best Trick with the first ever front flip landed in the X Games event, Pastrana had a gnarly crash, breaking his leg while attempting a corked 720.

Freestyle: Nate Adams took home gold for his first time since 2004 in Freestyle.

Speed & Style: Nate Adams defeated in a hard fought battle for the Speed & Style gold medal.

Enduro X: Polish rider Taddy Blazusiak took home gold in the crazy new Enduro X event. Maria Forsberg won gold for the women’s event.


RallyCross: Brian Deegan took gold in RallyCross, surpassing Pastrana in his modified, hand-operated Subaru and broken leg for his first ever gold medal.

Racing: British driver Liam Doran beat Marcus Gronholm to win gold in the Rally Car Racing event.

This year’s X Games was no disappointment, from Shaun White’s sick-nasty vert performance to Travis Pastrana’s unwillingness to give up and Steve McCann’s Big Air Performance. Now we have to wait until Winter X Games…

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!


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