How Trends Go Viral With Social Media

Social networking has made our world better, period. There are those who disagree with this of course, but Gen Y has embraced social media to the point where it’s not going anywhere, it’s now a part of our culture. There are so many great aspects of social media, especially how easy it’s made communication. It has made our world even flatter. It’s also good for business, at least for those businesses who realize its impact and embrace it, and then leverage it to their benefit.

Today I’m focusing on “social networking trends,” as the International Business Times calls them. These are trends that spread throughout the world, because of social media. Case in point: planking.

Supposedly Tom Green invented planking before it was even known as “planking,” in 1994. It didn’t really take off until it was started in either England or Australia about 11 years ago, though, depending on who you talk to. But Facebook is the number one reason it has spread and turned into a craze. Plankers name their plank, and upload to Facebook.

My taxi plank from last weekend

Then there’s “Bro’s Icing Bro’s,” which started and spread because of YouTube. There was a rumor that icing was actually a marketing campaign started by Smirnoff, but Smirnoff of course denies this. In any case, it no doubt boosted sales of Smirnoff Ice as every bro went out to buy 12 packs to screw over their friends.

With these new online social tools that we have, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., these fads can spread and an incredible rate and EVERYONE can participate. The newest social networking trend is called “owling,” where owlers get into the owl pose and take pictures of themselves. Personally I think owling is stupid as shit, I much prefer planking. The coolest new trend is called “leisure diving,” though. Leisure divers are caught in a casual pose as the dive into pools.

So what’s the next social craze? Who knows, but whatever it is, if you actively participate online you’re sure know about.

2 thoughts on “How Trends Go Viral With Social Media

  1. I’m currently reading “Socialnomics” by Eric Qualman, which I recommend if you’re into social media. Also, if you haven’t heard of “dancing Matt,” you should look him up on Youtube, he quit his job when Stride gum sponsored him to film himself dancing around the world…. hysterical.

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