Followup on Finding Your Passion


So how do you find your passion? I have to tell you that I still have not found my passion, so who knows if I’m the best person to give you this advice. BUT, I am slowly beginning to find out what I really love doing, which is VERY exciting!

I believe the only reason I am finally beginning to find what I love doing is through trying new things and forcing myself into new experiences. In college, I forced myself to be super active on campus in order to experience as much as possible during my 5 years as an undergrad. While most of my friends were playing video games, watching TV, or bumming around with the same people everyday, I was out getting internships, joining campus organizations, running for student government positions, and starting my own online business.

If I decided to bum around all day, or even party all day (which I still did a lot of), I wouldn’t have half the idea I do now about what I’m passionate about. Through all of these experiences I found that I definitely have a passion for entrepreneurship, business development, and marketing. I also found out what I hate doing, which is equally as important. And while I haven’t found the thing(s) I absolutely love doing, I have a good start, and I think I’ll figure it out pretty soon (which gets me excited just thinking about it).

I’ve pretty much risked everything to be where I am, which is OK because I can still afford to risk everything! By deciding to start working on my business full-time instead of taking a regular (and much higher paying) 9 to 5. By moving my business to Las Vegas, where I knew a total of three people and had never lived before. By sacrificing a good part of my social life, by still living with roommates, by still driving my old car, etc. I’m taking all of these risks and putting it all on the line because I really, really want to find out what I absolutely love doing, and then figure out how to monetize that shit as quickly as possible. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t take that job offer after college, all I’m saying is that you make your own judgement call as to what decisions to make in order to find your passion in the quickest way possible.

And, if I’m not absolutely loving what I’m doing in a few months, I can always start over and try something else, or get a real job. My fixed expenses are minimal, I don’t have a wife or family to support, and I don’t have any obligations to anyone. So, in the end all I’m saying is do WHATEVER you can to find your passion as QUICKLY as possible, because right now you can afford to take those risks!


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