Why Being as Selfish as Possible in Your 20’s is a Good Thing

The Four Legacies The Four Legacies model goes like this: the first thing that individuals should strive for is financial freedom. This should be your focus right out of college, to become financially free. This might seem selfish, or even … Continue reading

Creative Writing vs. Effective Writing

What’s the difference between creative writing and effective writing? Until my junior year of college I had no idea. I thought I was a good writer because I got A’s on all my papers in English Lit. and Creative Writing. … Continue reading

Don’t Forget About Your Copy

Let’s face it. We live in a very visual world. We’re bombarded by images all damn day, whether it be advertising or content we actually want to see. Especially when it comes to social media and internet marketing, we’ve embraced … Continue reading

Startup Weekend: The Ultimate Event for Young Treps

Today’s post is basically a plug for one of my favorite reoccurring events besides EDC: Startup Weekend. Watch the video above for an intro to SW if you aren’t familiar.┬áHere are the top reasons you MUST attend SW if you … Continue reading

Validating Your Idea

    Free Validation Strategies Survey your potential customers: this is the absolute easiest and probably most effective way to validate your concept. Get out there and ask your target market what they think of your idea, and if they … Continue reading